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What type of witch are you?

  1. Alexandrian Witch; similar to wicca and ceremonial magic with Qabalah

  2. Solitary Witch; Solo practitioner that does not work with a coven.

  3. Eclectic Witch; Practices various, and evolves over time.

  4. Traditional; A witch who uses a more historical approach to their practice.

  5. Hereditary Witch; A witch born into the practice.

  6. Hedge Witch- Deals with both worlds and astral travel.

  7. Kitchen Witch- A witch more focused on herbs and the cooking aspect of the metaphysical realm.

  8. Green Witch- Nature based, Really in tune with outside rituals.

  9. Cosmic Witch- Uses a lot of astrology and moon magics.

  10. Sea Witch- A strong connection with water, sand, shells, etc.

  11. Elemental Witch- Works with the elements earth, air, fire, water for most of their practices.

  12. Secular Witch- Incorporates crystals, herbs, and candles.

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