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How do you make moon water?

Moon water is useful for many things and has become very popular on different social media platform. The moons energy is used to charge a lot of things. One of the things it can be used to charge is surprisingly water. Since is Moon Water you will need to consider which moon you would like to charge your water under. Depending on your intentions you may want different types of moons check your lunar calendar to make sure you do it at the right time. Each moon has unique properties and will charge your water differently. Some people prefer new moons for a fresh energy and every book I have read will say differently. I personally use a full moon to get it at full strength so, I can use it for powerful spells. Most people use a mason jar to collect moon water and I prefer that as well but any container with a lid should work. I fill my jar usually about ¾ full but of course this up to you. Once you find the right time and container it is time to find a place. I place my jar in the window and open it so, it can bask in the full moonlight overnight. Before you put it up over night it is a good idea to say something personal with your intentions. Once the water sits in there overnight your moon water is charged and ready for use. Some people prefer to drink it but beware if you leave the water sit for to long exposure can make it inedible. I have used it in a cleansing ritual and washed my hands with it to rid myself of negative energies in my life. If you do not intend to ingest you can even put herbs, crystals or other products in there. Whatever you use your moon water for enjoy the extra energy you harness from the moon.

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