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Color Magick

Color Magick is when color is used to set one's intentions in a spell. Each color represents a different meaning or energy. You can use this to increase the power of your spell. Every time you use a color you can use it to represent your intentions. Most people use candles to represent their colors. You can use anything as well as candles. I use my colors in many things like my flowers, my candles, my deities, and even the clothes I am wearing that day. The stronger the intentions the stronger the spell.

You can find many meanings for color out there. Here are some of the ones I like to use;


bright, vibrant, youthful, happy, positive, promotes intellect, mental clarity, knowledge, luxury, and manifestation.


abundance, stimulation, new beginnings, prosperity, tranquility, rejuvenation, nature, health, earth, and luck.


psychic abilities, influence, authority, encouraging, uplifting, mystery, creativity, wisdom, and fantasy.


peace, purity, innocence, healing, true inspiration, spiritual strength, enlightenment, cleansing, and clairvoyance.


stamina, harvest, confidence, rejuvenation, exploration, relieving depression, enthusiasm, vitality, and perception.


protection, absorbing energies, calming the mind, pride, safety, shapeshifting, banishing a curse and removing negative energy.


romantic love, friendship, caring, nurturing, self-love, affection, warmth, forgiveness, reconciliation, and intimacy.


primal energy, bravery, desire, passion, love, motivation, sexuality, invigoration, partnerships, attraction, and comfort.


house blessing, pets, locating lost items, permanence, grounding, stability, concentration, family, and material goods.

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